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What's up, y'all?

I think Vrai is pretty much right. I always saw PC's niche as being a "warmer Smogon" - less competitive, more community-oriented, etc. When I think back to when PC "worked," it was pretty much that. On the flipside, the battling scene can't be so casual as to hardly exist, which is basically what ended up happening except for a few people. And the community kind of fell apart too. So nothing was left. Frown!

Anyway, best of luck guys. I think the forum recovering will take awhile no matter what initiative ultimately ends up coming into play. Over time, it can work. PC's core strengths still exist. So there's that.

My only other point is that as much as I like talking it out in threads like this, I think at some point you just have to stop thinking and start doing. Not like the two are mutually exclusive, but building a community and battling again is very much something that happens from just doing the things this forum is for - battling (first and foremost) and socializing!

Best of luck, guys.
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