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Would you have preferred a versatile starter, like Eevee (which is not), in a game?

Well, there aren't really many versatile Pokemon in the game apart from Eevee, though that's also why Eevee would be the ideal starter. With all its evolutions, you're free to choose whichever element you want your starter to be, granted that you come across the stones relatively early in the game compared to the first generation, where you only get a few, mainly moonstones, before Celadon. Same with the third generation, where most stones are to be bought from the man at Mossdeep, otherwise it won't really work out. There's a lot of variation in how powerful the evolutions are though, so the main evolutions to be chosen would probably be strong ones, like Vaporeon, so while there is diversity, I don't think it'd be put to much use by the players.

All in all, I guess I'd have to say no. If all Eevee's evolutions were just close to being equally powerful, maybe it'd be worth considering, but with the huge differences, it just wouldn't work out, and it'd just end up being straightforward anyways.
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