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    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    Take your time!

    I'm currently busy with exams and such, and after that I will be occupying myself with various other things and other video games!

    It's a good break for me, and I will also have the chance to get the "nostalgia" feeling again!
    I will, and nice to hear from you once in a while again!

    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    What exactly makes Super Onix so super? Also does it evolve into a Super Steelix which could be named AweSteelix as in awesome and Steelix.
    Super Onix is a pokemon sometimes "terrorizing" Argent Warehouse and has powers far greater than a normal Onix would. Argent Warehouse used to have one of the best researches centers around the world but it was disbanded due to Super Onix being around (which is just the name the townspeople wanted to call this Onix).
    Exceptionally, I wanted to make Super Onix a new, catchable pokemon and not to make it have another form so Super Onix doesn't evolve like normal Onix do in this hack. Inputting Steelix-form would require taking out another existing pokemon from the hack.

    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    So Beta 4 will be the entire West Suden of the Suden region, Beta 5 will probably have East Suden, then Beta 6 with everything else finished probably. I'm just guessing since the eastern half of Suden doesn't contain too much except a castle and Viridian City. Also Suden's name is like a combination of Sudowoodo and Sunkern, something I just noticed. Is it pronounced like Sew-din?
    All wrong here...

    If I made it so that Beta 4 would contain the whole West-Suden, I could have a release up in under a month but I stated Beta 4 would come out sometime in the future. Beta 4 will actually cover pretty much what you stated out for Beta 5 (and still won't be the final release and won't include more than 80% of the final gameplay probably). East-Suden has also got quite many places where there are lots of things to be done so you can't assume anything looking at the town map only in this hack. It won't be as big as West-Suden but include quite a lot of gameplay nonetheless.

    By the way, that's not a castle out there and Viridian City is not part of East-Suden. The "castle" there is headquarters of Team Darkness and Viridian City is just a placeholder name of (Area 122 ?). And, Suden is part of name of a book I used to have in my bookshelf back in the day. And yet, it's pronounced as "Su-den" (but may be hard to be said in english).
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