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    Aria woke up to the sun shining, and the silence that she had become accustomed to. Getting up, she went into the bathroom. Splashing her face with water, she woke all the way up. Feeling Eve stir inside of her, She mentally poked her to wake her up.

    Stop! I'm up! Geez!

    Took you long enough... Ready to get going?

    It had been a few days since she discovered Red's death, and decided to move on. Aria didn't know where to, but a traveler had mentioned the city as he was passing through, and she believed that Sunnyshore would at least have some power due to the large array of solar panels. Going into the kitchen, she made herself a quick breakfast and refilled her bag of berries. She packed an extra just to be sure that she would have enough to last till the next town. Grabbing her pack from the room, she walked out the door and onto the road.

    And with this, we begin this adventure...

    Aria started walking down the worn path that marked the way to Pastoria City. She hoped to reach the marsh by sundown, then camp there. She would have trouble hiding that she was a Pokespirit wielder, because of her physical changes, but she could easily kill any humans in her way. She had strapped a large knife to her belt before she had left, and had other such weapons in her pack. She was ready for quite a number of attacks, and knew how to hold her ground against larger foes.

    Walking down the road, she came across no one. Due to the lack of Pokemon, the trip was very uneventful, and Aria spent most of the time talking with Eve. She arrived at the marshes at about the time she expected, and set up a meager camp, consisting of a campfire and a few blankets. She had a tarp for if it rained, but tonight, the skies were clear.

    Cooking the few edible plants she could recognize, she ate and layed down. Looking up at the stars, she fell asleep.
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