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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
I was actually at work during Raw this week, but I had recorded it to watch when I got home. I was watching the Lawler/Orton vs. Ziggler/Punk match when my dad told me he read on his phone what had happened to Jerry. There wasn't any real news yet, and I was almost sick to my stomach watching the match. He was so fortunate to be in the position he was, because if he were basically anywhere but at ringside, he wouldn't have made it.

It's incredible to see how fast he's recovering, and that doctors have even said he's healthy enough to get back into the ring in the future (but if I were him, I don't think I would take that chance).
You're in buddy, welcome to the club.

Oh man, it must've been worse to have prior knowledge about the scenario before it happened. But it truly is amazing how fast he's recovering. Like what Kanto said, had he been anywhere else, I don't know how lucky he'd be.
he did it, not me.