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    Oooh, PMD brings back some good memories. I remember on m very first playthrough of PMD Red, I was a Torchic although I can't for the life of me remember who my partner was. I think it was...Oh, it WAS a Totodile! Can't remember their names though. =/ Then I remember that I started that game over after becoming frustrated near the end (I was young at the time okay? xD) and was a Mudkip that time around. I think I chose Totodile as my partner AGAIN. I remember restarting that one last time and became a Cubone, with Torchic as my partner and got pretty far with that. But I never finished it, and I seemed to have lost it a while ago.

    Then, I got PMD Explorers of Darkness and my love for PMD surfaced once again. I was a Chimchar, and still am because I never restarted that game nor did I beat it, and I THINK my partner was a Treecko. I still need to finish that game, in fact, I might go play it after this!

    Finally, I got PMD Explorers of Time and got Eevee on my first try, which I was very excited for, and went with a Treecko for my partner. I'm yet to beat that game as well. =/ Oh man, now I really want to beat them. Okay well I'll go do that now. xD
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