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Lauren Linda Noir
Mercury City Gym

It wasn't long before anxiety attacked Lauren's brain. She was getting more irritated with every passing second, and she hated that kid even more for taking so long. Not only he upset her at the Pokémon Center and beat her to the Gym, now he was making her waste her, in her opinion, valuable time. After a while she huffed, and knew that there was no point in sitting there and watching the battle as it would make her angrier.

She looked at both of her Pokéballs, and pressed the buttons on both of the to send the two Pokémon out. As soon as they got out, Curt and the Mudkip looked at each other, and it was certainly awkward between the two given how they'd met.

"Quit it, you two." Lauren scolded, "You work together now, okay?" Both Pokémon nodded, and Lauren turned to Mudkip. "As for you...I will call you...Manny." Mudkip nodded in agreement, then both Pokémon hopped on the bench Lauren was sitting on.

"Dammit, how longer is this going to take?" she muttered.
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