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    Ahhh, so you've already gotten a feel for this forum~! Well, there's more content in this forum, so feel free to explore to your hearts desire. <3

    Hey, I live in Canada too! Toronto, Ontario to be exact. And up, I'm a fellow video game lover~ <3 What are your favourite video games? I'm a huge fan of Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney. :3 I also love the Tales Games, Nintendo Games, Capcom games (especially megaman) and so on. Speaking more about video games, this forum has a Video Gaming board you can try out~! Basically, video gaming discussion not related to pokemon goes there. ^^

    Buuuuut since you're mostly here for wifi trading, of course, the Trade Corner is always there for you too. :3 People have made Trade Shops for trading purposes too - you can make one yourself, if you've followed the rules~<3 (but they're straight forward, you should have no trouble understanding them. ^^) Incidentally, there's also a Quick Trade Thread for your run-of-the-mill quick and simple trades, should you choose to do them~ Buuuut, I'll leave that up to you on what you want to do. ^^

    Good luck on your trading, and I hope to see you again. <3

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