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Originally Posted by KenXEcker View Post
I'm looking forward to Blastoise/Keldeo decks. It'll be the new Reshiboar with more damage output! Especially with Skyla allowing you to search for a trainer, hello T2 Blastoise! I'm also digging the Bicycle engine, a trainer that allows you to draw until you have 4 cards in hand.

Landorus EX seems nice, but I think everyone is going to want Keldeo for sure. Celebi EX could be useful somehow, just don't know how yet... Cresselia EX is just crap from what I remember, and the 2 Kyurem EX's are alright I guess, not overly impressed.

What really surprises me is the size of this set, 149 cards not including the secret rares? Seeing how the Japanese equivalent sets have 59 a piece, I guess we're getting an additional 31 cards that would probably come out of Plasma Gale (to those who don't know, it was just released in Japan a few days ago) or be US Exclusive cards...
Last I checked, TPCI doesn't do US-exclusive cards. My thought process was that these are more likely cards that are getting the US caught up to Japan's releases, which is the same reason Supreme Victors was so big. I'm not exactly sure what the number difference is between the corresponding sets in each country at this point. I'm fairly sure we still haven't gotten a few earlier cards.
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