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    (OOC: So sorry about the delay. Lot's of Latin homework.)

    Trent noticed that girl from the pokemon center. She must've been waiting for a battle. Damnit! Now I look like a jerk! "Nom, use Silver Wind!" The Sewaddle shot waves of energy at the Roggenrola. It fell down, fainted, for its special defense was very low and it could not take more than a few blows.

    Hermes returned the Roggenrola, then sent out his second pokemon: a Larvitar. "Thay was a good move, but it isn't enough. You can't beat me!" He smirked. "Larvitar, use Sandstorm!" The Larvitar kicked up sand and the room began was filled with sand, buffeting Nom severely. "Now finish it with Iron Tail!" The Larvitar ran straight into the storm. Seconds later, Trent saw a white glow where he had last seen Nom, and the next second he saw the Sewaddle fly out of the storm landing feet in front of him.

    "Return Nom. Good job." He said encouragingly although the pokemon couldn't hear it. He pulled out his pokeball and returned him. After putting it back on his belt, he pulled out Douglas's pokeball. "Go Douglas!" Trent through the pokeball to reveal the Diglett. It was a good thing he was a ground type. The Larvitar didn't stand a chance! "Douglas, use Magnitude!" The Diglett disappeared under the ground and a second later the ground began to shake with the power of a Magnitude 7. The Larvitar fell over, obviously injured but with plenty of fight. "Larvitar, as soon as it comes up hit it with an Iron Tail!" Hermes shouted at his pokemon. Sure enough, as soon as Douglas came up from underground the Larvitar smacked it across the face with his tail. It had injured him, but he was still ready to go. "Keep using Sand Tomb!" "Keep using Iron Tail!" The two pokemon started to exchange blows. Neither would give up until the other fell.