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I think the community itself should just concentrate on a tier in general for a while and become better specialised in it rather than trying to compensate for everything battling. I mean like, p much almost everyone left now plays NU, and only the ones who aren't as involved in what the community is/was play OU and just that, basically. I know back ages ago it was agreed that NU would be one of the main ones but honestly, if none of the regulars and only those who just post an RMT play OU then isn't it better to just have more of an emphasis on something else which can bring the community together, people don't complain about, and yeah... like, going away from OU as the main tier would be different but there's enough there that OU can still exist but for the actual community to form and for discussion and things to happen, it needs to be something we all like and generally think is pretty balanced. Like we aren't Smogon so therefore we don't strictly have to cater to OU specifically, but with all the complaints about it, younger battlers interested in competitive would be better off with a tier that's easier to play and isn't completely broken or the same teams over and over and over and over. Might be bias but if the emphasis continues to be placed on OU I don't know how many regulars will stay here when they can just go to Smogon for their OU needs because basically everything there is covered, and therefore they won't stay here as a regular because none of the regulars really care about OU as much, while for NU not necessarily everything is covered (apparently). Vote NU.

Also any word on why the server is down? :(

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