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    Victoria Stone

    Victoria stirred as something wet and rough buffeted her cheek. Somewhat like the feeling of sandpaper, only moist and warm. “Pix! Pix!” The sound penetrated her pained delusional state. An echoing beckon of soundness of mind. Pixie paced around her owner, Archie sitting a small distance away. The safe confines of the camp was both reassuring and restful for both Victoria and her Pokemon.

    Without conscious thought, Victoria swatted at the source of the noise. Her self defense mechanisms pushing Pixie away, a left over remnant of the heightened tension during the Vigoroth fight. “Vuli Vul!” Pixie let out a startled bay. Stepping away as Victoria came to her senses, her green eyes shooting open at the distressed noise.

    “Oh, no! Pixie, are you ok?” She asked worriedly, her expression going from neutral to worried and guilty at a hundred miles per minute. Pixie curled up against her, a reassuring sign that everything was ok on her end. The faint bits of crusty Vigoroth blood still visible on her muzzle.

    Victoria recognized the camp, the others must have carried her back. Embarrassment crossed her complexion, her ears turning a bright crimson color at the recollection. “Oh sweet Arceus. They’re going to thing I’m such a baby,” she sighed to herself and Pixie. “Now I’m the girl who repeats stuff, counts stuff, and faints.” She looked at Pixie for comfort and support, burying her head into her hands.

    With a strained groan, she hoisted herself up. Her tight bandages resulting in labored shallow breaths with each exertion. Her side still pained her tremendously, she couldn’t have been out too long. The fainting merely a side effect of the surprising pain. Still on her knees, she looked out for the others, her head dizzy and vision slightly distorted. “Damn.”

    Archie gave a reassuring chirp, his way of trying to encourage her to get up. With a monumental effort, she willed herself to her feet, stumbling as she did so. The hut spun around her, the effect like that of an at sea...ship...

    Leaning her body at the edge of the entrance of the hut, she looked out. Her composure still coming to her slowly. The fire was still a fair distance away, she didn’t know if she could make the walk alone. She didn’t want to call for the others, that would seem too much like pleading for her. Maybe if one of the others happened to be nearby, she could casually hang on to one of them. But for now, the entrance was her friend, her weight supported securely on the structure.
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