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They continued walking toward Jubilife city without any problems. It's odd, we haven't seen any other pokespirit kids for days now.Spark spit on the ground, all for the better, they'd want to form some sort of group with order and a leader. She felt a small amount of anger build up in her gut. She looked toward Arc who had kept the sword.

He had made a clone and started playing tag with him on the road. They ran further ahead and farther back, but as long as Spark could see him she was fine. In her mind she heard her spirit's high pitched feminine voice, Why don't we play? I like the game we played in the town, it was so much fun.

You mean the one where I lost my mind and killed someone?
Spark knew her plusle spirit was just playing with her, trying to cheer her up.

I know! Why don't we do something fun! Spark was very bored and decided to go along with it, Lets play I spy!

I don't get it, what is I Spy?

I describe an object I see with I Spy and you have to guess it! I'll start, I spy something green!

Spark looked around, she looked at the grass, trees, and looked at some ferns. Is it grass?

Plusle sounded disappointed, Yeah. Now it is your turn. They were still walking, Spark looked at the road, flowers, and an abandoned bike.

I spy something grey. Spark was thinking of the bike.

Is it the sidewalk? Spark shook her head no. Was it the bike we passed? Spark nodded her head, and admitted the game was pretty fun.

Come to think of it, what color are you Plusle, and Minun? She had never seen the spirit, or maybe she had and just forgotten.

Well I'm the same color as your clothes, red, minun is blue. Spark thought about this and had an idea. She explained it to plusle, So you want to call me red and Minun blue? That is lame, how about Crimson and Violet!

Spark didn't know what the words meant, but they sounded a lot better to her. I think we should get Arc a less lethal weapon, he doesn't like the sword I gave him. He isn't one to kill. Any ideas? Spark had been thinking the whole time they had been walking.

Well why not amplify his electrical power through physical contact? Spark was confused about what she meant, What I mean is, you know how you use your knife to channel electricity? Well why not find a way to do that for Arc's punches and kicks?

Spark thought for a few minutes, then remembered how her light bulbs work, What if he could send his power through a flexible metal in a glove? It could be like the thin kind in my bulbs. She thought for a moment and imagined the design. I could weave it over the fingers so that it webs around his hand, that way grabbing and punching will cause shocks. Spark had a pair of gloves in her bag, but didn't know how to get the thin metal.

Well if we check old machines we might be able to take some, there are plenty around the underground and the children's city. As much as Spark hated cities run by people, they were heading there anyways so checking out old machines would be beneficial.

His elemental powers aren't that great so being able to focus them should make him much safer in a real fight against a spirit child.

Crimson laughed, Is that what you're calling us now? Spirit children? Why not something like Chaos Kids or Power Punks?

You know those both sound silly, and anyways I think the chaos only applies to me, I don't think every other spirit child wants the world to fall away from society like I do.

Well we can debate that when we get to the children's city.

The twins passed by Jubilife with no problem, they stuck to the forest and managed to pick some berries. They came up to the tunnel that they needed to pass to get to Oreburgh and noticed that there were guards there, dressed like common street rats.

She whispered to Arc, "If there are two guarding the cave, then that means there is something worth guarding in there, maybe even their leader." Spark began to rejoice at the idea of taking out another gang.

She signaled down from three to take out the guards. As soon as she got to zero they both sprinted up, Arc punched his guard in the temple, Spark kicked hers in the ear. Both of them went down without much sound. The twins hid for a minute to see if anyone would come out to check then ran in.

Both knew talking would cause echos, and Arc knew to be serious again. They walked through the cave and came upon a camp of adults. They were keeping captive around 4 children. If they are captured they must not have pokespirits, releasing them and getting more can cause chaos. Spark enjoyed the thought, the more people running vendettas or crusades the better.
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