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Originally Posted by Romeo010 View Post
I'm not gonna pick axew O_O I'm picking me a nice lil electrike. btw this link was left out.
Electrike? And how are you planning to do that? :D

Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
Since Virizion was seen a fair few times in the trailer and the magazine, I think that it could play an important role in the storyline.
Sacred Swordsmens are pretty important Isshu legends so I also believe there will be plot with them... probably 3 dungeons for each one of them and clearing gets you to EPIC AWESOME dungeon with ULTRA EPIC boss...

Originally Posted by Mystery Soul View Post
I'm curious to see if Genesect and Meloetta will be fought/recruitable in the game.
I would LOVE to have Meloetta :D She would be so cute as PMD OW :D
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