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Secrets of the Past

Kiba shrugged slightly, as if it were nothing, though there was still that shocked astonishment in his eyes. "Well, I-- Uh... I guess I should explain." He paused a moment. Aren't we going to Shadoan? Decidedly he began to walk with her toward Shadoan, "I'll summarize shortly. I left Lavender and my parents because... Well, they didn't pay attention to me. No one else really did. You did, at least." He smiled, clearly in great appreciation of the fact. "Oh, and after we meet Shadoan, we should get to the back clearing behind the hotel. I don't want to keep Ki waiting."

"Anyways... I left home feeling unloved and uncared for. The only one who showed me any respect was Flare, and back then he was only a Growlithe. This was well before I had gone to any Pokemon Leagues. I was, erm, 10 or 11, I forget. But this man... He took me in, raised me like the son he'd never had - or the son he used to have - and trained me as well as my newfound friend, Ki. I spent five or six years there, of nothing but training. He was the one that taught me how to use telepathy. Though, I was only able to communicate with Ki. It didn't work on anyone else. But somehow I'm able to speak to you with it while we are physically connected."


Spirit glanced at Jev, then outside, at the ground. I... I'd rather not talk about it, please...

Mello watched Spirit with rising curiosity. How do I not know about this...? She sighed to herself and just watched as Echo was slowly freed from the ice. Though now the floor of the tent was being drenched with the ice-water.

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