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    What you are describing is effectively just welfare in the form of 'food stamps' or sometimes called 'essentials cards' or whatever. It already exists in many communities. It is just a welfare payment that can only be used on rent/food/bills

    You ask "is there enough money for everyone?". Well, as you said, money is a concept we invented we can easily print more, but of course this doesn't solve anything.

    That is because money is only a way to measure and value materials and labor. You can change the supply of money but this won't change the amount of materials and labor available to be consumed by society.

    The things you want for everybody (water, homes, power, food, etc) require materials and workers to produce them. To increase the welfare of a society you want to maximize the amount of labor and resources available. So you need incentives for people to be productive and efficient with their own time and resources. The major incentive is money. We can consume more if we produce more.
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