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    Here's more of my writings if you want to know what's going on: You may get scared by this.

    When Bob went to Science Class, Mr. Ghramer was in charge of the science fair in March 25th, 2010. Bob obtained a bottle that makes people more calm for a while. And it relieves from stress and makes them carefree.

    Miranda doesn't want Bob to exceed. It's the end of the 3rd marking period. So when Bob wasn't looking, she slowly went to his desk as slow as the wind.

    She then poured chemicals at Bob's drink secretly without Bob noticing. Bob then went in front of the class to talk about his experiment.

    "Hi. I'm Bob." People snickered silently on his nasally voice. "This is a mood experiment. It's about a person being relieved from stress and to calm down. They even forget about the harsh memories they have. I'll drink it now."

    Miranda is going to laugh. She thinks: (Watch and learn, Bob will get an F for this project. I'll laugh on my butt when he fails. I don't care about what the principal said about him, I just like doing my job).

    She smiled with an vile grin, and put her head on her cupped hands, watching Bob at the front of the class as when the part Bob was about to proceed to the bottle.

    When he drank it, something went wrong. Instead of feeling relieved, Bob grew bulkier like a Machamp, angrier and hot tempered liked a Primeape. He roared like a wild gorilla.

    People are scared and ran behind the teacher's desk at the back of the school. When Miranda was laughing, a guy was next to her. Bob thinks that the guy is making fun of him. He ran to him and thrashed him with his bulky fists.

    "Bob stop this madness!" Mr Ghramer tried pulling him, but Bob struck him vigorously in the balls with his leg, which caused excruciating pain, and threw him to the ground, flat out.

    "Bob! F! You have a detention after school today! Your experiment is a complete disaster!" Mr. Ghramer struggled to get up, then he collapses. Some people ran to the wounded teacher.

    "Is he alive?" A student asked.

    The other student tried checking his pulse, his heart, and his wounded areas.

    "He is still living and breathing, but he's bleeding enormously. Someone call the nurse, while I'll deal with this "baboon" who tried killing us all. Really Bob!? You drank your "potion", then you went all flared up, then you decided to take it out on your teacher!? What is this!? Wrestling in WWE!? Seriously, get some medical help."

    After hearing her speak, Bob was about to get all crazy on her, but some students went up and grabbed him. his saliva drooled vigorously, his body heat is exceptionally high(yet that he's supposed to be sick, but he's not). His muscles are all bulked and tensed up, and that he went from a full weak and defenseless wimp to a wild monkey.

    The bell rung, and everyone tried walking to 3rd period. Derek ran out of the bathroom, saw Bob walking fast, and ran to him. "Bob? What happened to you in Science class? One of my friends told me that you went off on someone."

    "Nothing! I have a lot on MY MIND!" Bob is very tensed, wishing that he can destroy something. A guy was walking, until he saw Bob's horrifying appearance, then he started laughing at how Bob's eyes are big and red.

    Bob growled louder and louder, he then stood on 4 limbs like a wolf, he snarled like a wolf, then he chased his super fast, fast as a cheetah, and jumped on him and started slashing him. He stabbed him with his big pencil, a sharp one, with led.

    Poison seeped into the guy's lungs, Bob then squeezed his neck like a water balloon, and that was where the guy's pressure point is at. Bob threw him to the dirty surface, and stomped his head, he put him in a sack and threw him to the dump. Derek is astonished.

    "This isn't you. Why are you stronger, even without the armor?" Derek asked. "None of your stupid business!" Bob then ran to gym class. When Gym proceeded, some of the people that are in Bob's Science class 2nd period are astonished of having Bob.

    When gym started, Bob is a bit calmer. A lot of guys didn't want Bob as their partner. Derek is at the bathroom, and Bob doesn't know he was going to pick him. Seeing this, this is where Bob breaks.

    His muscles bulked up, they are as big as a footlong. He sweats more often, releasing heat. The heat then went under the ground, they were so strong, that the plate tectonics was affected by it. He then forget who he is, and he thought that everyone was his enemy.

    Bob then screeched so loud, fissures appeared. The ground shaked and it cracked like ice, the cracks are as big as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the cracks look like that people can reach the end in forever. People ran away from the fissure.

    "This guy has totally lost his mind."

    "Seriously! Tell me about it, he also did it in Science class!"

    "And that when he was in the cast, but this is worse!"

    Derek came out, he saw Bob screeching so loud as a loudspeaker. The ground splits quickly. Light bulbs fell down, the windows way up the walls fell down, Derek then ran to Bob and kept forcing him to calm down, Bob shoved him to the end of the crack, Derek then hanged on to it.

    It got worse. Derek tried getting out of there, but the entrance got separated. Derek jumped, and almost failed to reach it. He grabbed the top of the floor, he was going to fall, the fissure got worse. Derek jumped out of it, and got out and ran with the others. The fissure stopped.

    Major destruction happened. Bob's voice is so strong, it can destroy the world if he becomes the overlord of the earth. Bob then lost his power and passed out.

    Bob sat alone by himself, stabbing his meatballs. People saw and laughed at Bob for how he raged out in Gym. His eyes are bloody red. Bob threw a fork at them, it stabbed their arms.

    Blood seeped out crazily, they ran away, as they were afraid of Bob. During recess, Bob was sitting down, Beck then went to Bob.

    "Bob, why are you like an ape?" Bob stared, growling. His skin is so hot. Beck was sweating. Bob growled louder. Beck and his friends ran away, since that they were afraid that he was going to eat them.

    And a guy saw Bob. He laughed about how bushy his hair is, then told his friend about him, they made fun of Bob's hobo like appearance. Bob then snarled, his skin is so hot.

    He chased them, and that he opened his mouth, the sharp teeth then was engulfed in flames, then he crunched them at their hands.

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Fire erupted out of the bite mark(part of the drink had fuel, added by Miranda. The area is hot too), he ran. Bob spit at them, a big amount of spit.

    The spit then turned into fire and shrouded them. The inferno became worse, people saw, then the boys was formed into ash, as the fire subsided. People ran away, afraid of how dangerous Bob is.

    "Seriously, have you saw that fire!? It was as big as a skyscraper!"

    "And that he is so fast, he can even outrun a plane!"

    During Honors Math, Bob saw his test grade, it was a 70. He is in shock, his mom told him to get As because she was proud of his straight As last year. Bob got up, threw his paper to the ground then he screeched again.

    A fissure occurred again, some tried to get out of the dangerous earthquake, but it grabbed them, then 9/26 students fell into the abyss, never returning.

    The rest jumped out of the windows, down to the tree, and that they were safe. 5 minutes later, the fissure stopped, and that it resembles as rubble.

    After school, Bob was in central detention(after so much destruction). Mr. Ghramer looked at Bob. Bob is snarling, spit drooled to his desk, smoke came out. "Bob, can you stop growling and snarling, be quiet and read your book."

    Bob then threw the book to the ground. He came to him. He grabbed his arms, and ripped his fingernails off. Then Bob launched out fire out of his mouth, causing an inferno at the top of the school. Mr Ghramer had a heart attack and passed out. Bob ran away at the end of the school, screaming.

    The fire-fighters ran inside the engulfed school after 20 minutes, they used their hoses and shot out a forceful ray of H20.

    During that, some of the brave men quickly ran inside and found some survived students under the fire, and took them out. Then they destroyed the evil destroyer that tried eating away the school.

    EPISODE 19:

    A few days after Bob caused fissures, inferno, and violent rampages, a horrible world began. In the world, violence is allowed. Bad guys got guns and shot wimpy kids and burned them into ash.

    Meanwhile, the school is terrorized. Principal Kumar is in a tank full of eels, the eels shocked him. Bill(Miranda's twin) was forced to guard the overlord, Bob.

    Bob is wearing black clothes, he has blood red eyes, spiky hair, frightening appearance. He is sitting at the top of the palace. Miranda then saw the palace. She then thought back of what Bob did.

    When he eradicated the school down after gnawing Mr. Ghramer's nails, something went wrong, someone is possessing him. Even that thing that possessed him was in that drink. She then thought of it hard, and she realized that an unholy death spawn is taking over Bob.

    She then went to her house, Bill came, with a baseball bat, then he quickly jumped out of the roof and swung Miranda with a bat, she fell down got a black eye. She then got up. She caught the bat, the bat broke in half. They clashed, one by one.

    They both got tired, then they recovered and continued thrashing. Miranda then blocked the last hit Bill had, she struggled, then she stabbed Bill's balls, he fell down, his eyes are blank, he passed out, he was purified.

    She then got the drink that made Bob lose his reason. She then extracted it. She examined it, but what kind of chemical was that ghost in? She then realized that the thing that she put in that mainly made Bob go insane is the fuel added by coal.

    The darkness in them was tainted near the Earth's Core. She then prayed about how she was sorry for what she did to Bob and she then asked for a cure. A light came, and a potion was revealed. She then realized that she needs backup.

    Miranda then called her friends Jessie and Carly with her. They got flame resistant clothing, armor on their head, arms, and legs, even at the chest and back.

    They also got a water gun, a pole, and a backpack to store most of their inventory. Then ran to the palace. 2 guys are seen guarding the palace, as they saw then enter, they charged.

    Miranda then used her pole and shields herself, she kicked them forcefully and they fell down, they got back up and got a gun out of their pockets.

    They shot them in the leg, red liquid seeped out quickly. Miranda then covered the bullet and then jumped and strikes them with the pole, they were pushed to the fiery acid below.

    Carly and the others then walked up in the palace, when they get closer, an earthquake started. Finally, in 1 hour, they made it. Bob then turned around and saw them. A frightening appearance astonished the crew. Miranda calmly walked towards Bob.

    Bob saw then, he has a red vision, then he had nightmarish hallucinations, thinking that they were hairy beasts trying to kill him. "Bob, you are possessed by a devil from down in the earth, you have to fight it!"

    Bob then rapidly shifted and forcefully sends a huge blows towards Miranda's gut, where she ejected blood. she is hurt so much, blood came out of her stomach, she got up, all 3 of them fought.

    Carly tried kicking, but Bob dodged everyone, he then tried spitting fire, no use. Then Carly punched Bob in the stomach, no effect, then Bob kicked Carly between her legs, she gasped hardly.

    Then he grabbed her arms and swung her, twirling around at a 360 degree circle, he launched her to the sky. She was flying as fast as lightning, then Bob shifted out of the ground, and bicycle kicked her to the ground, knocking her out and sending a huge crack.

    "Pyro Barrage!" Bob then spit embers out of his mouth, it was so fast that Miranda caught on fire. Soon after, 10 seconds to be exact, the fire subsided due to the armor.

    She then used the pole and then stabbed Bob, no effect, she did it again, and it broke in half. Bob then started to screech, a very horrible distress. came out. A screech stronger then a teacher slashing the chalkboard. The ground split, a mass of fiery acid was under it.

    Miranda tried jumping out, but the ground seperated, she jumped from the rock, then it split for the ground, and almost fell, the ground was going to fall in the lava, she almost fell in the lava, but her friend grabbed the half pole and quickly tried giving Miranda the pole, and Miranda grabbed it, she was rescued.

    Miranda then thought about Bob's weakness. She then thought back on how Bill was purified after he was hit, at a certain part of his body, she then thought about it carefully, and the weakness is his balls.

    Miranda tried running, but Bob quickly barraged her with 47 blows, she was in the air, then she fell down, HARD. She shivered, spitting out a large amount of blood. Then she thought of a plan.

    Bob then became unresponsive. He regained some control: "Wait, what am I doing?" He went back a few steps. "Gotta stay calm, these guys are my friends." Then he rethinks: "Wait a second, if they ARE my friends, why are they attacking me?" Bob then had nightmarish visions. He growled so loud, and lost control completely.

    Her friend then distracted Bob, she irritated him. Then Bob lost focus and started attacking her. He growled so loud, and roared a very loud screech. Then Miranda then stabbed Bob's balls, some effect happened, then she did it again, harder.

    He then held it, blood came out, and the drink did too. The ghost came out, he was destroyed. The world then became normal, after 1 week, everything is back.
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