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    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    Does anyone know a simple ASM routine to change the value of an offset of your choice within the RAM?

    For instance, let's say I wanted to change the value at 0x02023BE4. How would I go about doing that?
    What do you mean actually? Like an WriteByteToOffset?
    Or a value that changes constantly?

    If the first one, it's as simple as this:

    .align 2
    push {r0-r1,lr}
    ldr r0, =0xOFFSET
    ldr r1, =0xValue
    str r1, [r0]
    pop {r0-r1, lr}
    You must change That STR to STRB if the value is only 1 byte or to STRH if it's 2 bytes. Otherwise, it's 4 bytes and you leave it like it is.

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