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No, you didn't include everything required to make a club, adding in Wynaut was just part of that. Like Ozzy mentioned, all your club was doing was just stating that it was a place to talk about Wobbuffet. If you look around at the other clubs' opening posts, none of them looks like yours did. Basically we'd like for the owners to give the club a bit more of content and organize it better as to better keep track of the members and activity in the club.

So feel free to try out your luck with the club again, but this time follow all of the rules for making a club. <--- This link will most definitely be helpful for you when making the club, and if you're still confused on how the opening post should look, take a look at the other clubs around. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to PM either me or AlexOzzyCake, as it'd be a whole lot better than taking it out in the public y'know.
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