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    So, I'm getting back into the ds romhacking and I have several questions :
    1) How can I find Hex adresses of palettes in pokemon diamond ? I cannot find the values of palettes in DeSmume, like I used to do in VBA.
    2) Can I have to edit nsbmd files without having to do it manually? It's really a pain in ths a**. I was able to make a tree in the middle of a town, but not further more.
    3) Polygons are associated with textures and palettes. I assume these textures are 2D textures editable with crytale tile or Tile molester. Is there anyway to edit them? Or do someone know where those datas are stored?
    For example, can I copy the texture of trees in HG/SS and palettes and paste them into pokemon diamond?

    Thanks for your answers =)