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Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
i don't want to fight i just want a place where fans of wobbuffet can unite!
i did look at the rules and last time i checked the other clubs did "looks like mine did"
If your thread had been within the rules we would have approved it, we wouldn't just revoke the club for no reason. We've offered to help you remake the club in a manner that would be approved, so there's literally nothing more we can do for you. Your thread was not within the rules so constantly saying that it was won't help anything. If you'd read the rules properly then you'd understand why it wasn't within the rules, as well as us having explained this several times already, so there's nothing left to be said on that matter. As we said before, you're welcome to ask us for help in making a club that will be approved, but otherwise there's nothing more to discuss on this matter.