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Originally Posted by yopo View Post
sorry for the late reply,

mew- Aura, pokemon ranch(JPN,ENG,GER,FRA,SPN,ITA) mystery, FAL2010, any other japanese one's

shiny legendaries (UT)- cresselia, dialga, palkia, giritina, latias,latios,mewtwo, ho-oh (JPN)

T-lv100's--lugia, ho-oh, deoxys (JPN),articuno (JPN)

any other lv-- groudon(70) kyogre (70).
I'm interested in Latias/Latios. Are they RNG'd? What are their IVS?
Originally Posted by xxlazaro View Post
Ok Is there anything else you need to complete you pokedex?
I'm not really looking to complete the pokedex at the moment, thanks anyways!
Originally Posted by Medlis View Post
Thank you! I'm still in the middle of moving, so I might be a bit delayed for trading. I /should/ be able to trade tomorrow. If not, I'll hit you up with a VM whenever I see you online again.
Okay, I'll VM you
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