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    In this horrendous, vile forest most called 'The Forest of Blight,' a young adventurer named Blaze and his allies tread cautiously into the forest to retrieve a gem so rare, it made other delicacies look commonplace.

    Legend said that the gem possessed revival qualities. It is called the Crystal Lotus Flower. The task at hand was to retrieve it in hopes of resurrecting a fallen friend, Raira.

    As they ambled as slowly as the wind, they caught a glimpse of a large mass of pitch black blood on a large leaf and a male human soul with his 'Chain of Fate', the spiritual binding of ones soul and their physical bodies, bound to a Coconut tree.

    One of Blaze's allies, named Terra, quickly dashed behind her twin brother, Rex, and shuddered in horror. Her twin brother turned around and put his hand to her shoulder in an attempt to console her. Terra's heart began to race, her mouth agape.

    "Terra, listen." Rex whispered calmly, "you should be silent so those dark elemental spirits will not come and eat our souls."

    Terra nodded her head, showing that she comprehends on what he just explained. As the four ventured into the forest slowly into a vast empty spot where nothing in this vicinity but tall coconut trees.

    They started to get irritable by the vulgar smell that's like rotting flesh that's around this zone that could send someone on a death wish.

    All of them got a hold of their specially colored bandannas wrapped around their necks and masked their lower half of the face. Glacia faintly tapped Blaze's shoulder, he turned around, feeling uneasy as he glares at her tensed face that's likes a troubled puppy. "What?"

    How long are we from obtaining the "Crystal Lotus flower?" griped Glacia.

    Blaze then proceeded to apprehend his datavice enclosed in his pants' pocketception and analyze the map of this area to the gem. "It'll be like...... about 5 days."

    The whole team groaned in annoyance. In the dark green bushes, a pair of red glowing sphere shaped eyes appear. That monster began to grumble, that sound it emits is just as if a car's wheels is trying to get through the muddy path in the driveway. Rex's dark brown eyes dilated. He rotated his whole body, facing the bushes at the behind him.

    "You guys....... h-hear aa-nnythhingg....." questioned Rex.

    "What do you mean?" mocked Blaze as he laughed a bit, "There's obviously a brick on your head."

    "Blaze, this better be a joke! This is serious! I am telling the truth!"

    Then the monster proceeds to use his dark muscular shaped claws to nab Terra's left leg. Terra looked down on it and as she sprung up, the monster jumped up as well and severed her shorts forcefully, blood quickly squirted out from her big gash that's half the size of her leg.


    Rex looked and saw her sister clasping on to her leg, the blood seeping out of it began to ooze out of her leg even more.


    Rex hustled to her sister, endangering his soul to free her from the beast. The monster raised his gigantic hand, and slapped Rex with great strength.

    He was tossed to the tree as fast as the light, knocked with his forehead having a big bruise to half of his nose. Blaze stood in fear, and that his whole body is petrified.

    Then the monster uncloaked itself. It has a long tail as long as a whole football field. It has a white mask shaped like a tiger, it has a body shaped like a muscular man, and there's a quanitity of blotched blood on it's mask and jaw. It roared with such an intense sound that it can reach almost a 1/4th of this world.

    It then proceeds to grab the four, then Glacia proceeds to use her ice powers to crystallize the monster and then she grabs the weakened allies and all of them fled away from it. After 10 minutes, the ice couldn't grip the monster much longer and it shattered like glass, then it proceeds to catch their scent of blood by it's keen nose.


    Anyways, this is my 1st attempt of trying to make an original plot and to make it like interesting(thought it's kind of not, and it's inspired by Bleach, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy). I'm not much of a good writer since I somewhat do not make any sense, so I try to make this good. Anyways, I kind of need help to make this better, so here's what happened before:

    Ok, so Blaze is this 13 year old human/fire elemental hybrid whose father is gone and that he lives with his 19 year old brother(who is better than he is) and his mother in a parallel universe from ours, it's called Elementia, where there are humans with hidden power and these elemental monster.

    So when summer started, there's this mysterious pattern of thunderstorms, and that mysteriously, his childhood friend, Raira, fell ill and that she's almost about to die.

    And Rex, his classmate was also experiencing this, but he chooses to just go with Blaze and the others to receive the Crystal Lotus Flower. The main antagonist is the Dark Kingdom, and that Blaze has some connection with them and he doesn't know, that's all I came up with.

    Anyway, I need help with other plots that involve this since it's Final Fantasy and Bleach related.
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