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Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
Alex btw why don't you add a Pokémon of the week system? I think it could be interesting, and bring up new topics and else.
I can't wait for the Battle Tournament.
Sure, and for suggesting it you can choose the first one! n.n Make sure you give a good reason though c;

Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
Well, without counting the legendaries for obvious reasons, I think the first one to be KOed would be Pichu. Poor little thing, in the middle of such a battle...
Oh wow, how did I forget Pichu? xD I can imagine Electrivire punching the poor thing sky high, it wouldn't stand a chance ._. It could potentially abuse it's cuteness to make sure the other Pokémon don't attack it though? :D That's the only way I can see it not getting KOed instantly xD

Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
And the winner would be Eelektros. This Pokémon is really powerful, it always gave me trouble. And the final battle would oppose it against Jolteon :3
Jolteon? Interesting, what makes you think Jolteon would get so far? It doesn't have a hugely diverse move pool, especially not for dealing with other Electric types, and it's pretty fragile... I guess it is pretty strong though and incredibly fast, it might have a good chance of avoiding the other Pokémon's attacks. If only it wasn't so defenceless against something like a Stunfisk with Ground attacks D: