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Those were my favorite Playstation game growing up. We have the first 4 games since we couldn't get a PS3 to play the Future Trilogy. If I ever get a PS3 I might buy one of them just to play it. I personally have only completed the first one and have only done parts of Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal. But I've watched my brothers play the others and know the plots of the games pretty well.

I didn't care for Size Matters cause it was on PSP and I don't feel like buying one just for a game. I'm just more of a DS person.

The first four are the best ones, with Going Commando being my favorite. It was one of those games that was hilarious yet had an enjoyable plot. My favorite part was the scene where Megacorp is experimenting with Protopet.(I think that's what it is ,if someone can find a video or something that be great) I cracked up laughing watching that.

Qwark's funeral is also one of my favorite moment as long as the one I mentioned above with the Protopet. I still play the games every once in a while today.
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