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    Originally Posted by Bolens View Post
    Jornoboy your in. I could use some help with the Story aspect. Right now I have written up till the 2nd Town/City...but it only goes about half way. No gym Leaders are written in and such. As of now the Alpha will go up till the point I have written to. I'll probably start Scripting soon, just want to get done with inserting Tiles and such. Anyways, Can you come up with a physical description of what are Hero/Heroine should look like? Just any random 1 will do, doesn't have to be specific. Just post in this thread their descriptions and either I or somebody else will make OW's for them...haven't decided yet. Thanks guys.

    Ace, have you tried fixing up any of my Sprites yet? Just wondering...

    Edit: Jornoboy, here is the story so far... If you could please read that so that you become aware of what is written and what isn't ...thanks.
    Thanks man, I really needed a good progressing hack to work on. I really love the script already although I only read the first half. I need to go to bed now so the second half of the script I will read tomorrow. after school I'll think of how the character may look like.