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Welcome to all the new members, glad to see this club still has a spark of light left :D

What pokemon was the most annoying to encounter in the Hoenn Region?

In this case I'd have to agree with Hikari. The Pelippers in the Hoenn region were absolutely terrible, keeping you locked in battle unless you're lucky or if your Pokemon is quite a few levels over it (at least from my experience). If you try to fight it, it constantly spams you with Supersonics, making the battles last even longer, and the worst thing about it all is that you'll encounter them so very often.

Originally Posted by Romeo010 View Post I shall start a new topic...
What pokemon was the most anoyying to encounter in the Hoenn Region?
I would say Skarmory it was a huge time waster and took me forever to kill all the time.
But surely you could just run from it. Skarmory's encounter rate is only 5, and it only appears on one route in the whole game, so I can't imagine it being that annoying.
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