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    Game of Luck

    [ Welcome to the world of Pokémon- ]

    -Albeit a slightly different one than you are used to. The biggest difference? Pokémon die.

    Welcome to the idyllic region of Hoenn. Mostly a popular vacation destination, it is also known for having a grand Pokémon League and diverse wildlife. While its technology is not as advanced as the other regions, Hoenn gets by just fine on tourists and on trainers.

    Pokémon training has always been the world’s eldest sport, and most enjoyed one. Everyone is encouraged to at least give it a try, it is normal for teenagers from age 16 (the minimum age for getting a trainer’s license) and to fill a gap year between finishing high school and starting their further education or career with Pokémon training. A select few continue even afterwards, becoming a professional trainer. Pokémon training is everywhere, they’re huge parts of everyday lives.

    Hoenn is especially popular with foreign trainers. Due to excessive capturing as well as fatal training against wild Pokémon there has been a huge decline in wild Pokémon across the grobe. Hoenn has remained largely untouched by this as it’s not been a big trainer destination in the past. In order to keep the same thing from happening in Hoenn the League has put down laws for the preservation of wildlife. For one you are only allowed to catch 2 Pokémon per route, these are recorded on the trainer card and going over your limit will result in the revoking of trainer privileges. Another law prohibits the killing of wild Pokémon. This is not so readily checked and some trainers don’t mind the law and do so anyway. If caught the same penalty applies, trainer privileges shall be revoked.

    But there’s trouble rising. Pokémon get hurt in battles, some even die, this has always been an accepted fact. Battling is always risky, even getting knocked out can mean internal damage for the creature. Battles are usually fought by the trainer determining when to give up, if they recall their Pokémon that Pokémon is forfeit. There are even adrenaline injection darts you can give your Pokémon to get them to fight past their breaking point, resulting in the death of the Pokémon, but a chance to win your battle. Pokémon death is an accepted part of battling, even a strategy at times. After all, Pokémon are just tools for a sport, aren’t they?

    And that’s where the trouble comes from, to some, they are not. A movement that started in Unova and has seen a steady rise around the world since, Pokémon Rights Activists, fights for more rights for Pokémon. They think it beastly to exploit living creatures like that. They have succeeded in banning adrenaline injections in several regions, namely Unova, Johto and Kanto, as well as more safety restrictions on official battles (mainly gyms) where most casualties occur. Hoenn has been mostly untouched by the activists, mostly because of their old fashioned ways, but even here there has been a rise in anti-battling protests. There has even been word of extremist measures by so-called Pokémon Freedom Fighters, terrorists targeting the League in the name of Pokémon. They’ve caused a lot of trouble in Unova and other regions already, mostly targeting trainers.

    [ And what about you? ]

    You are an aspiring trainer, either native to Hoenn or coming from another region, who’s serious about Pokémon battling.. Pokémon Professors are the only ones who can give away trainer cards, you shall be getting yours from Professor Cyprus in Lilycove City. From there on you shall travel the region, collecting the 8 badges in order to challenge the Pokémon League.

    [ The Dice Mechanics ]

    There are two ways the dice will be used. For one, Pokémon encounters. If you want to catch a Pokémon on a route (or two, as is your maximum) you have to first VM me and I will use an internet dice to determine what Pokémon you will encounter. This way, just like an actual Nuzlocke challenge, your team will be quite random.

    Then, every time you enter a new area (from the first route onwards) I will roll a die for each of you that will give you something random to put into your story.

    1. Kill off one Pokémon of your choice. (void if you have only one Pokémon)
    2. Nothing Happens.
    3. You may not catch anything in this area.
    4. You must battle a trainer in this area.
    5. One random Pokémon (by dice) is killed off. (Void if you have only one Pokémon)
    6. One random Pokémon (by dice) may never evolve.
    7. You must catch a Pokémon in this area.
    8. You may catch the evolved form of your first random encounter.
    9. You may catch as many Pokémon as you wish.
    10. The Pokémon your capture in this area will have an Egg Move.
    11. One random Pokémon (by dice) may immediately evolve in this area.
    12. Kill off two Pokémon of your choice. (One if you have only two, void if you have only one.)

    [ The Rules of the Land ]

    - This roleplay is rated M for violence, for obvious reasons. Pokémon get wounded in this roleplay, and they die in this roleplay. However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to pull the guts and gore everywhere. Keep it tasteful please.
    - You must obey the Dice. Catching Pokémon, killing off Pokémon or battling trainers, you may do on your own accord too. Keep in mind that, unless stated otherwise, you may only catch two Pokémon at once. Also keep in mind to VM me before the capture to determine what Pokémon you shall encounter. Besides that you do not need to wait for my approval on the catch though.
    - You are only allowed to have 6 Pokémon with you at all times. Your PokéNav has a function that lets you switch team members on the spot though. You may not switch during official battles.
    - Interaction with other players can be done at any time, however it will be limited to joined posts.
    - Pokémon will have levels according to the games, they will have 8 move slots though, for writing purposes.
    - There shall be no reservations, instead I will give it 5 days after acceptance to hand in sign-ups and I will pick the 5 best ones to participate

    [ Sign-Up Sheet ]

    Age: [16+]
    Starter: [You may choose your own started, any basic unevolved Pokémon will do. I will give you their statistics upon your acceptance]
    Roleplay Example: [Show me how you roleplay, this can be a post for another roleplay or an intro to your character if you haven’t been in a roleplay before. This is a fairly advanced roleplay so I’d like fairly advanced players.]


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