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    A large buzzing sound was heard throughout my house and then a large crash. I groaned as I fell off of my bed and face first onto the floor. I slowly stood up still semi groggy and walked into my bathroom showering and brushing my teeth. After a couple of minutes I found my dresser and put on my usual clothes. I looked at the clock and saw the time nearly having a heart attack. I quickly ate breakfast and ran out my house with my bookbag on and all the essentials I needed like my glasses and a couple changes of clothes. I made sure my braces were still straight and I ran towards the lab. I saw a boy about to get attacked by a Purrloin and I jumped into action running at the Purrloin which frightened it and it ran towards the wild once again. I looked at the male the Purrloin was chasing and smiled.

    "Hey are you Ok that was some fall you took" I said and chuckled lightly.
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