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I would like to join if it's not too late?

Username: ShinyUmbreon189
Nickname: Mr. Rhymez
Favorite Pokemon: Noctowl
Favorite Move: Aerial Ace
Partner Pokemon and Name: Noctowl "Noctowl"
Would you like to be noticed when new features, games, and competitions are added to the club? Yes

Spearow/Fearow or Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot and why? Fearow, Fearow's attack is good and has decent speed and learns the move Drill Peck which is an awesome move. For some reason I just like it's design more over the other 4 Pokemon. I like Pidgeot too but Fearow gets the win this time.

I almost forgot..
Who is your favorite Flying Gym Leader? I like Falkner because HG/SS is my favorite Pokemon games because Crystal was my first ever Pokemon game.

Which games has the best flying types? IMO, Pokemon HG/SS. In this game you can get Hoothoot very early in the game which later evolves into a Noctowl and shares 2 types Flying and Psychic. It's also got Pidgey eary on in the game as well. Scyther (if you classify him as Flying) is also in the game fairl early, and don't forget about Skarmory which is also Steel type.

Sorry for not having bold letters for the sign up sheet, I'm using my PS3 browser.