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Lucy - Oreburgh City
Lucy just sort of... became aware that Amethyst had begun to cry. Natural human instinct kicked in and she became... marginally more hostile. She totally gave Alex this look that was objectively kind of scary because it had /nothing but anger/ behind it. One could imagine her uttering obscenities in the privacy of her mind. Rage was a powerful tool. When someone was /really mad/ you just knew they were seconds away from laying the hurt on you. Regardless, Creed apologized and felt the need to... engage Alex in combat. This didn't make Lucy any less angry, but she resisted the urge to gang up on Alex. She didn't feel any obligation to help Creed per se, but she also knew that in her current state she definitely didn't feel like working with him either. She didn't feel like working with anyone. More than anything however, she didn't really want to get into a fight that could potentially get her /killed/ if she didn't have to and didn't have a whole lot of incentive too. The boys could duke it out if she wanted. She had child-rearing to do.

...And then the loud sound of a trash can crashing into the ground startled Lucy and drew her attention. ...A boy had rolled out of said can. She just sort of gave the scene a skeptical look before deciding that the crying child once again took priority. She totally strolled right on over, past Ryan without so much as acknowledging him, and moved to Amethyst. She would then bend over to pick the smaller girl up and just sort of hold Amethyst against herself. It was a comforting, arguably adorable embrace, a natural mother's embrace. She completely disregarded the fact that Creed was right there. This was not rude to her. It was conflict avoident. She merely turned to acknowledge his presence after picking the smaller girl up.

Meanwhile, you could totally still imagine her cursing repeatedly in the privacy of her own mind, very irritated with the situation.
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