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    Official English Trailer for Kyurem VS The Sword of Justice:

    Wow...only 2 posts by different users since my last post in this thread? XD I would think that the movie would've garnered more attention by now. :cer_laugh: I mean, it stars freaking Kyurem (in three Formes!)

    Anyway, I had a feeling I would be averse to the dub title... I really like that they kept the Versus Title concept from the original Japanese title, but I personally think that Kyurem VS. The Sacred Swordsman (or Swordsmen, depending on how you choose to write it) is a cooler (sub-)title than Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice.

    I was definitely shocked when I heard Keldeo speak for the first time. I was like "OMG this sounds so much like Ed Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist!" Lo and behold, Vic Mignogna is Keldeo's English voice actor. XD I was envisioning more of a cutesy voice for Keldeo (I wasn't even aware that it and its Legendary Musketeer Pokemon companions were going to have lengthy speaking roles in the film). I wished that Shoko Nakagawa (Japanese model, Pokemon Smash TV host, and Keldeo's Japanese voice actress) had voiced Keldeo for the English adaptation, but the Colt Pokemon apparently has to speak (a lot), so that's a no-go... :cer_laugh:

    It's going to be really weird hearing Keldeo talk in English, because I'll constantly be thinking of Ed Elric doing the speaking (not to mention that I think the voice should've been a bit higher-pitched for a Pokemon that looks like Keldeo)... Still, I'm hoping that I become relatively accustomed to the voice as time goes on; nevertheless, the English dubbing crew picked a great voice actor for the part (one of my favorite English voice actors, at that). :D

    And now, I wait for Kyurem's English VA...

    Also, first TVTropes article (pertains to this movie) FTW!
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