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This sounds much like Communism. Not the bad kind but the actual true idea that works in theory. But there is no incentive to follow this, people don't want to work for the good of everyone as a matter of fact, most people want to be at the top.

Anyways who decides what is essential? Where would the line stop? Food and water is technically all we need, but then we want clothes to stay warm. Then we want houses for when it rains. Then we will want bigger houses so more people can live in them (and with less people dieing from poverty there are more people, meaning that we have less space and some people will get bigger houses/apartments.). Then from there we would want electricity to make our lives easier, and that means people have to work hard maintaining it.

I'm going to say something about the animal part. They would do the same for each other. It is pure nature that we would enslave what we want to eat to survive (I say want because we don't have to eat them) as for comparing African slaves to animal slaves it is a bit different. Lets say you had a little brother and he was picked on in school, you would likely care more than if it was your brother picking on someone else right?

Back to the topic, people don't want to live on the bare minimum anymore, I don't believe we as a whole has ever wanted it (individuals and groups maybe but not everyone) and lets be honest, do you think a doctor should be just as entitled as a person who sweeps hair in a barber shop?
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