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    Originally Posted by Torkad View Post
    Thank you i didn't know that it need the no$zoomer to work just got it going and its lots of fun.
    It's sa'ight...That's why you ask questions when you're having troubles with things. So, no worries. :3

    Have fun...I hope you'll find the game difficult...cuz that's what I was going for. LOL

    Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
    Bad news grubby pup my computer have been formated so i will need to start the game all over again

    And what do you think is harder yin black or yang white

    And why didn't you make blaziken learn hi jump kick
    Oh, formated...It's cool, dude. I know how it feels to lose everything and have to start over.

    Why didn't I let Blaziken learn Hi Jump Kick...Well, my friend, that's because I boost Sky Uppercut that it'll take same amount of damage.

    There's no reason for it to learn two attacks that take the same amount of damage, right? Plus Sky Uppercutt doesn't give you that recoil penalty for missing the attack.

    Which do I think is harder...Well, I guess Yin Black. I found the gym battles a little more harder on that.

    Lenora's Linnone can make Low Sweep backfire on the user.

    Burgh's Beedrill and Accelgor can both be a pain in da ass...If you really don't have anything to counteract them.

    And I don't if anybody had this problem, but Skyla's Swoobat sorta gave me a hard time...I let its Moody got outta hand; not mention it kept getting Protect off...and it started spamming Stored Power on me. LOL

    But I'm just speaking from my last run with my Emboar team and stuff.
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