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Originally Posted by _Dean_ View Post
There's one word that can sum up the entirety of the history of American presidential elections, and the forbidding of this one: "Illuminati".


Terrible enough to say, I don't want either parties to win. I cannot stand Barrack Obama. He is by far the worst president this country has ever seen.

No, I am not a super right-winged conservative. No, I haven't seen every broadcast of Bill O'Reilly. Yes, I do love beer.

Indeed as some have said in this discussion, Romney/Ryan can't decide on crap. Period. They're for gay marriage, they're against gay marriage. For abortion, against abortion. It's insane. However, I am entirely for their foreign policies. America CANNOT come against Israel; and, if you ask me, not helping is just as bad as being on the other side of the front line. Barrack Obama will do everything he can to win this election even if it means keeping troops over seas to "help" Israel. Israel and Iran will go to war before this election is over. And when it is over and if Obama is re-elected, we will not be fighting with Israel.

That's enough to lose my vote, Mr. Obama.
You haven't provided one legitimate reason for not liking Obama, and why he is the worst President. War is War and always will be War, and believe it or not but the President does not have a magical lever in his office that controls tax, war, oil, etc. etc..
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