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    So I am circaoffire, circa will be easier and just as acceptable though. I have been a member for several months, but I never posted(That's why I'm saying I'm new :p ). I was more here for the great hacks. I want to thank all of the people who put hours of work into a hack for this community, you all are incredible! Because I haven't posted, I am pretty sure no one knows me lol. I have been an avid Pokemon ROM player since I found this website. I have decided now to post a thread since I decided to become an active member of society and (hopefully) contribute a ROM of my own! I have absolutely no knowledge, but I will try my best to learn! If anyone has any good links for tools or tutorials, please post them. They would be greatly appreciated! I am going to be doing a hack of the Fire Red US ROM :D But I don't really know where to start... :/ I will keep looking through the forums, but HI!!!!!!!!!! :D
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