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Dragon Pokemon FTW!!!

Name: Psystar63

Your Trainer Sprite: Iris (Gym Leader). She looks a bit like me! :D

2 Partner Pokemon(First a Dragon type, second from Dragon Family): A Hydreigon nicknamed Nyx, and a shiny Charizard named Rashaverak.

Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: Because I love dragons. I was nicknamed 'Dragon' by my friends because of my love for them. They are the legends of the Pokemon world.

What is your favorite Dragon Pokemon & why?

Hydreigon! Finally, a pokemon that is both Dark/Dragon type!!!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Dragonite & Salamence in battle?

I used to use Dragonite and Salamence when I was taking on the Battle Tower in 4th gen. Being Dragon/Flying type meant that the hard-hitting earthquake wasn't a worry. And Salamence's ability was pretty nifty. The only thing that stopped me from using them in Gen 5 was their weaknesses to ice. What can I say: Ice shard totally ruined them!

Which Dragon type & Dragon family member are you most disappointed in?
Mmm... I'd say Flygon. I do like Flygon, it made my team in R/S for a while (before being replaced by Salamence). It's just that compared to Pokemon like Haxorus and Salamence, it's stats could be a little better. And yes, I don't like the Ground/Dragon combination.
As for Dragon family, I'd say Scrafty. Sure it's type of Dark/Fighting is unusual, but I expected it to have better attack power.

Dragons usually have scale, rough skin. Which Dragon Pokemon do you think does NOT have a scale, rough skin?
Reshiram. Yeah, I just imagine it to be all feathery and soft...

What do you think about the fact that we have a Dragon-type champion again?
It's cool! Just goes to show how epic dragons are!
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