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    Amethyst sniffled and, once lifted into Lucy's arms, buried her face into Lucy's arm. How embarrassing, crying like a little baby. Could this day get any worse? All she wanted to do now was hide from the world, hide her shame and sulk. But of course...

    Come on, crybaby. Snap out of it! This time, Lucy could also hear the voice of the Weavile that had been tormenting Amy all along.

    Of all the things... "SHUT UP BLADE!!"

    And then, to the surprise of even Amethyst, Blade projected himself (Or rather, an image of himself) to Amethyst, as well as Lucy. Fresh tears slipped down from the rosy cheeks of the small girl and she slowly climbed out of Lucy's arms, walking up to the projection. "Blade, you're... Bigger than I remember..." Part of her wanted to to reach out and touch him, though she feared that it would only prove that he was a hologram. She wanted him to be real.

    You know, your parents were going to kill me, after you disappeared... I quite literally dodged a bullet. Before the Purge of all Pokemon I had evolved.

    "But... I know daddy didn't like you, but he wouldn't--"

    He did, kid. He at least tried. He wanted me gone. He thought I was just a nuisance, and a bad influence on you. Crazy, right?

    Amethyst ignored the question, only sniffled and blinked the tears from her eyes. "I... I missed you." She reached forward, longing a reunion with he who was once her best friend, though her hand only slipped through. Of course, it was only an illusion. Her crying seemed to become worse, and Blade did not seem too happy about it.

    Damn it kid, stop with the waterworks! He then proceeded to... Imitate her crying. Now, that was just rude.

    "KNOCK IT OFF!!" She yelled at him, and he only chuckled and pulled down an eyelid, followed by a tongue sticking out.

    Amethyst was now crying and pissed off. She shouted even louder, so loud that it echoed through the ghost town and the sky. "SHUT... UP!!!" She threw both of her hands forward, her hair began to fly wildly as if being blown back by strong winds. From the forward stretched hands a ball made entirely of dark thoughts and emotions formed, which was fired right at the illusion. Blade's figure dissolved on contact and the dark blast exploded wherever it had landed. Amy didn't care anymore

    "He's... Changed..." She muttered to herself, though within Lucy's hearing range. She walked back to Lucy and... Just hugged her waist. That was comforting enough for now. She closed her eyes and just sort of relaxed there. "I want to go home..." She said softly.

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