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Oh god where do I even begin, I remember when Pokemon Black and White got released in Japanese on this day in 2010, I was only 17 at the time.

Viewing all those screenshots, reading all about the new Pokemon, characters and features so I could get ready for the English release (which in my case, happened on March 10, 2011).

When the games came out in English, I was busy trying to remember all the English names for the new Pokemon, characters, features, moves and abilities so I can learn about them when I play the games.

My experience playing Black and White began in October 2011, it was my birthday, I was turning 19 and I got Pokemon Black for a gift. (I eventually got White in April 2012, originally my brother's)

I started playing the game right away, right down from receiving Oshawott as my starter to beating the main story 13 days later.

The story, gameplay and graphics were breathtaking, and I found myself lost in the moment. The new Pokemon's designs, despite most people's thoughts didn't stop me playing and eventually most Unova Pokemon became my favorites, especially Oshawott.

As for my overall thoughts, Black and White were as good as I thought it was. The storyline imo is one of the best of any Pokemon game to date and I'm so glad I got to be part of this experience which totally changed me forever.
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