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    Alright everyone welcome to the Born to be Challenge. Is this challenge you are a pokemon trainer (like Ash in the anime except smarter) you were born with one (or two) goals in mind and those two things only.

    Born to be a Battle Frontier Battle Head (Kinda)
    If your strong you'll survive and keep your dream alive ( Insert theme song reference here)
    Your goal is to beat the battle frontier (EPltHGSS) Battle Tower (CFRLGRS) or Battle Subway (BW) or Battle Subway and PWT (B2W2)

    Born to be Contest Stars
    Honestly this is the second hardest one.
    Your goal is to beat all the contest available in game. You still have to beat the pokemon League in your game but thats it no extra catches. You can either beat the League them become a contest star or become a contest star then beat the league, your choice.

    Born to be a Champion (Born to be a Winner Born to the be Very Best)
    Beat everything in the game, everything.
    -Battle all the trainers that you can beat legally (Which is all (Excluding BWHGSSBW2 all these game have trainers that events are needed to battle them" But Nineray what about Gabby and Ty in RSE they never stop battling you." Then the challenge shall never end They count as beaten for the last time when you battle them out side of Fortree City)
    -Beat all Contest/Participate in all the default pokemon musicals/ all pokestar studio productions
    (Have fun making poffins/pokeblocks/collecting props.)
    -Beat the Pokemon League/Red/Alder/Banjirou
    -Beat the Pokemon Battle frontier related thing (Tower Subway PWT)
    -Catch all pokemon available in game without events see as many pokemon in the game as you can. (Take it a step further and catch all the pokemon in you regional pokedex).

    Now heres your Pokemon's Part. They were born to be something to, your partner.
    -You cannot evolve them until they are ready to evolve (Heads means yes, Tails means no. If you want it to be harder if they are destroying knocking out all other pokemon without fainting more than three times per 6 battles. they want to evolve if they keep losing fainting they don't want to evolve.
    -The moves they learn are dependent on them Battling fiercely teach them all their strong moves. Losing teach them supporting moves.
    -They must have nicknames (They are unique right?)

    Now for they sign ups
    Just to make sure you didn't skip anything type Pika into your sign-up

    What were you Born to be?: Battle Frontier Head and Contest Star

    Nineray:Emerald (Battle Frontier Head and Contest Star) Medlis-Emerald: (Contest Star and Battle Frontier Head) Myrrhman- Emerald: (Born to be a Champion)

    Good luck to everyone on you Journey
    Avatar Credit goes to the creator.
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