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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Everyone seems to love Glaceon eh? o3o I guess I can see it's cuteness:


And it's toughness:


But I'm not sure it's the best designed Ice Pokémon... It seems somewhat boring considering what most Ice types are like? With Pokémon like Beartic, Cryogonal, Weavile, Articuno, etc., it just seems like Glaceon was a little lazy? I dunno, I might be wrong, I guess I haven't spent that much time looking into it haha. I just think it should've had something interesting and unique about it; as it currently stands it just looks like a dog with pointy ears that's been put in the freezer :p

Who wants to convince me otherwise?
i have to agree. Glaceon looks simple compared to other eeveelutions imo
this is first time i have agreed with alex on something

Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
The best designed Ice? Sneasel came to my mind first (I'm not Weavile's biggest fan), but you know I think Articuno, Glaceon and maybe Dewgong can come up there.

Glaceon doesn't really have all that great of a design to me, but I've seen a lot of fan depictions which kind skews the appeal. Articuno is one I've ALWAYS loved. I can remember being 5-years-old and saying it was, like, my favorite. It still is one of them. Dewgong's design is simple yet effective. And Sneasel just looks really unique as an icy weasel thief with a feather thing xD

So tie between Sneasel and Articuno.
articuno has the best design imo