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    Originally Posted by FurretFTW!!1! View Post
    Mesprit Lv.X only needs two energy to do 200 damage, but you also need Azelf Lv.X and Uxie Lv.X in play; however, it's manageable and a deck can be built around the strategy. Rayquaza C Lv.X and Lugia ex can be made to work in decks, but they require more effort to do their 200 damage.
    Setting up 3 Lv.X's would be a pain back then, since the one you leveled up would HAVE to be your active for the turn. And with only 90 HP Crobat G and Garchomp Lv.X would take out Azelf Lv.X to give your weakness back and Toxicroak G would lay waste to your deck. Or Gengar Lv.X would shuffle one back in and poltergeist you to death.

    And Lugia ex worked because of Blastoise ex, and that was what made that deck top-tier. Holon's pokemon acted as a double rainbow, and with 2 water energy from Blastoise, you discarded 1 for the holon's energy, then you had all 3 for the attack.

    But this thing is unequivocally the most broken card I've seen in a while:

    Black Ballista: Discard 3 Energy attached to this Pokemon.

    Say hello to our new Blastoise's BFFF. It's like the Black Kyurem from the next set we get. Except actually playable.

    180 HP. Nothing resists him. Can get Eviolite or worse Crystal Wall to pump his HP up to 300. NOTHING can survive that kind of raw damage in this format without serious support.

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