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I have all Bosses recorded, except the Rival Battle in Mt. Moon, I forgot to record and beat him.
Anyways, Youtube keeps saying it's unavailable, apparently it can't connect, when every other site I go to works, so I'll put them up when it starts working again.
I'll do another solo run.

I change my mind, I'm not using Dratini because he only has Wrap as an attacking move until level 30(Slam), I'll do an ultimate Misdreavus(and Mismagius in 4th/5th Gen games).

I'll do Misdreavus on LeafGreen, Silver, Sapphire, Diamond, and White. I'll update later.

Beat LeafGreen, next up is Silver.

Beat Silver, Sapphire, here I come.

Also, just sayin', I'm hacking Misdreavus to know Tackle at level 1 instead of Psywave.