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    Probably the best B/W set so far! (Mainly because of Wartortle ) I'm also going for a Keldeo EX Blastoise deck (Rain Dance FTW! :D)

    I love how they got rid of the Blastoise lines terrible electric weakness at the moment. Looking competitively I can already see Vileplume in Worlds (sort of) Landorus EX is a great Dark & Eel counter, Celebi looks good but nothing to pair it up with.....yet, Cresselia would go well with 4 Ability Serperiors, Potions, plasma stadium, Colress machine, and plasma energy! The Kyurems only work well with Blastoise/Emboar, and Charizard/Emboar would also be a great deck with 150 damage outputs & your opponent only takes 1 prize for Charizard! :D And Golduck is very good for early play (two water for 90!), i'm going to use him in my Keldeo/Blastoise deck for sure! Overall my favorite set, it has some very good cards but not the best EXs.....But the Ace Specs are great (except gold potion) so 10/10

    Credits: XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX
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