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Yes, I do mean exactly what he does in Into The Wild. Yes, I realize its just a movie. Yes, I was a vagabond for more than 6 months and loved every minute of it.

Has anyone else back packed their way across country? Were you bare minimum or did you still have a cell phone, bank card, etc.? Share stories, ask questions about tramping!

I was bare minimum. I packed a hiking backpack with two shirts and two shorts. The rest was a couple loaves of bread, pb&j, some romin noodles, and a pan/pot thing that folded up to fit in my backpack. I tied my gallon jug of water to the pack, also. And the backside had straps for my sleeping back. My tent was able to fit inside (barely) and I just used my pack for my pillow. I walked and hitchhiked from Indianapolis, Indiana to the state line of Ohio and West Virginia.

Best decision ever.

i forgot that I had my ukulele and harmonica with me too! In case anybody was wondering how did I make money after I initially left, I played music outside of walmarts and truck stops. Typically made enough money in one day to buy enough bread and romin for a couple weeks. Sometimes I bought eggs by six and would eat them cooked in my pan. And a few times I treated myself out to a burger or something nice.
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