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Riiiight so after a long and overdue update, I have finally uploaded Beta 7.6 which you can find at the first post.
There may be some errors I haven't covered but I have managed to sort out the bulk of them, please report any if/as you come across any.

The following changes have been made to Beta 7.6:
~ Juan's Team Changed
~ Phoebe's Team Changed
~ Archie's Team Changed
~ Steven's Team Changed (Stronger)
~ Elemental Stones in Fallarbor Town have been re-applied and fixed (Hopefully)
~ Fixed all the Frontier Brains accordingly
~ A couple of type changes have been added which has been updated in the Document (Pinsir Bug/Steel etc)
~ Fixed any reported unedited trainers
~ Made a few document amendments primarily to the evolution area.
~ Edited Shedinja's total stat however it still remains with the Wonder Guard ability
~ TM26 (Earthquake) Can now be found at the end of Victory Road.
~ Reverted Slaking's stats back to the usual 670 after some discussion.

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