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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Why would you choose to do this? And if you didn't choose, what happened?
Oh, I chose. There were a lot of reasons. I guess for starters that I wanted an adventure. I hate how boring and repetitive life gets with going to work 5 days a week so you can pay the gas to get to work for the next 5 days so you can pay your bills at the end of the month and hope you can send your kids to college so they can get a job where they do the exact same thing.

And it was totally awesome.. lol. Hitchhiking was dangerous. But the rest was so peaceful. Nothing like taking a break from walking and laying down ina random field of grass to watch the clouds just because you can. Theres no such thing as time. You wake up when you wake up, you enjoy life for a full day doing whatever you want, then you go to sleep next to a camp fire at night and watch the stars. It's like living in a whole different world. You don't worry about being on time, who's the predisent, if your girlfriend is cheating on you. The only thing you really worry about is eating.

I saw lots of cool things and met interesting people. Its sad I didn't go further than I did, really. Who knows what adventures I could have had!
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