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The last girl seemed to be late. Ambella sighed and figured that she'd not let the others wait anymore and just explain to Deandra in person whenever she arrived. She put on a bright face and smiled in the sunlight, turned towards the five trainers that stood before her.

"Welcome, all of you!" she began. "I'm so very grateful that you have come. I am, as I've said before, Ambella Coal. Here is my laboratory, in case you haven't seen it before. This isn't exactly a central part of Cinnabar Town." She motioned fleetly towards the white building behind her.

"I've gathered you for two reasons. One is that I'm studying these recent changes in the fauna and climate around Kanto. I need my lab, equipment and assistants to analyze our findings, but I also need some findings to find. Uh. And that is where you come in. You will travel the land and search for wild pokémon, both kinds that are well known to dwell in certain areas and kinds that are now found where they never were before. It's a strange thing... and we hope to bring clarity to it when we know what pokémon live where.

I will not demand of you all to capture every kind of pokémon you meet. It is actually enough to register it with your pokédex. Although, of course I would appreciate the chance to study rare pokémon! If you feel like it, you can store some of your pokémon in the computer at a Pokémon Center from time to time. That way, they will be sent to me and be well taken care of until you need them again."

The researcher took up a machine from the bag that lies on the ground beside her. It was a shining, new pokédex.

"Each of you will get your own. The pokédex feature will gather information on pokémon that you register. Try to only register pokémon that you have captured or seen in the wild yourself! Otherwise it will do no good for my research. There is also a messaging system: you will be able to send email between all of these six pokédexes, as well as mine. They are linked together so that we'll be able to stay in touch!

And then, there is the other reason for this journey..." Ambella Coal's face turned darker. She took up the bag and handed one pokédex to each of the trainers, only saving on for when Deandra would show up. Then she started speaking again.

"You might have heard the rumors about the gym leaders. They have... well, some have been rumored to even have gone rogue. Others have just suddenly turned very cruel towards challengers, and even towards their own assistants and friends. Something is very wrong. Myself and my researcher friends in other cities have been trying to monitor them for a while, but... it is as we are being thwarted. Someone knows that we are worried, and wants to stop us from finding out the truth. But we will not fail!" She grasps in the air, determined.

"I ask you to train your pokémon well. Build a trusted team. Become friends. And challenge these gym leaders. Not just for the sake of winning... it doesn't matter if you lose, actually. But study the leaders. Try to talk to them, try to see if anything is unusual in their gyms... find out what is wrong. Please!"

The mood around the lab seemed colder after this story. But Ambella smiled weakly at the trainers again.

"Don't let this scare you though. I have a lot of colleagues and friends around Kanto. All of them are now your friends too, and will aid you. And I will always stay in touch with you and direct you if you need me to. Like now!

My very first mission to you, is actually to scout the slopes of the volcano. I was investigating the changed fauna on Cinnabar when the eruption happened, but now the land has calmed down enough for us to be able to go out and finish that work. Please find as many wild pokémon as you can, register them with your pokédex and capture them if you want to. When you feel like you can't find any more pokémon, or give up (which I hope you won't, haha), you are free to leave Cinnabar and start your journey."

She now takes up something else from the bag. A pack of tickets. "Here!" she says, more happily, distributing them. "It's a ticket for the ferry to Fuchsia City, leaving the harbor downtown this afternoon. A stop will be made at the Seafoam Islands overnight, though. It's your next stop, after this! I'll wait here now, for the last trainer. If you want to get in touch with me, send me an email through your pokédex!"




- Barrage
- Uproar
- Hypnosis

SLUGMA - Common

- Yawn
- Smog
- Ember


- Bite
- Roar
- Ember

VULPIX - Uncommon

- Ember
- Tail Whip

CARNIVINE - Uncommon

- Bind
- Growth
- Bite

MAGBY - Rare

- Smog
- Leer
- Ember


Search for wild pokémon, either in the jungle or among the cliffs near the slope of the volcano. This might take as long as you wish it to take, but remember that the ferry leaves from the downtown harbor for Seafoam Islands in the afternoon.

You may interact as much as you wish, either with each other or with Ambella Coal, since she still waits outside the lab for the last trainer.

You may send messages through the pokédex to any of the other trainers, or to Coal.

You may freely move around Cinnabar Island.

You may step onto the ferry but it won't leave until I write about it.
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