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    IMPORTANT! I'm just about to update the game. Once the files are updated and ready to download, I will update this post, letting you know it's updated. Here's the list of changes:
    • Fixed invisible oak bug.
    • Fixed getting stuck on a roof when you exit the lab.
    • Fixed transfer events. You should be able to walk all the way to Magnas City.
    • Added Pokémon Center in Magnas City.
    • Fixed other small inconveniences.
    I will update this list if I remember any other changes I made.

    UPDATE: You can download the game here.

    UPDATE | 0.31a:
    • Fixed some bugs that came with the 0.28a update.
    • Fixed the error about not being able to find RGSS104E.dll

    The game can be downloaded from the same link as above.
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