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    I don't remember changing the wild pokemon in Mt Mortar, although I don't have it with me to double check right now (I'm in class) so they should still be there.If you're wanting just any Fire type though, You can catch Growlithe on the route West of Violet City, and Vulpix are in Union Cave. Also, the elemental stones are available in the Dept. Store, so you could evolve those into Arcanine and Ninetails, or an Eevee into Flareon. I tried to make sure there were some available by Goldenrod. That way you can use Flame Ball to progress even if you didn't start with Cyndaquil.

    EDIT: No, Houndour are not in Mt. Mortar. They also never were, according to Bulbapedia. In original GSC they can only be found on Route 7 in Kanto, and in HG/SS they were added to the Johto Safari Zone as well.

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